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Launch of the Capital Raising business line by Langdon Capital

Langdon Capital is pleased to announce its Capital Raising business line, details of which can be found at

We help high-growth and innovative companies in the technology, environmental impact and renewable energy sectors to raise debt and equity capital to fulfil their paths to profitability and growth ambitions.

Our investor network spans 700+ alternative investors across venture capital and venture debt funds, corporate VC arms, hedge funds, private credit funds and real estate funds, 40+ family offices and 30+ banks.

We raise capital for companies with the following characteristics:

~ Innovative companies in the environmental, renewable energy and technology sectors

~ High-growth by way of >30% increases in YoY revenue

~ An existing equity investment from a VC fund at Series A or later is preferable

~ Unprofitable or profitable

~ Requirement to raise debt or equity

~ Seeking to raise between £1m and £25m

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