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Urban Architecture


Providers of commercial property backed bridging loans between £200k and £20m per transaction to investors in commercial property across various use-types, including residential, office space, retail space, mixed-use and land-with-planning in the UK and select South East Asian markets.

We provide access to private non-bank capital and, as such, our credit sanctioning process is significantly faster, simpler and more reliable than that of bank lenders.

The activities carried out by Langdon Capital Limited are not regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority as Langdon Capital Limited only facilitates loan transactions in the following circumstances: 

(1) Loans are only offered for commercial purposes;

(2) The minimum loan amount is £200,000; 

(3) The security for the loan is land, where less than 40% of that land is used for dwelling purposes by the borrower; and 

(4) Borrowers confirm that loan proceeds are to be used for business purposes only. 

Your property may be repossessed if you fail to upkeep interest and/or principal payments on a mortgage, or any other loan, for which it is used as security.

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Loan Criteria & Fees

Loan to value:


Loan term: 


Loan amount:

Interest options:

Interest rate:


Exit Strategy:


Up to 75% LTV.

1st charge (2nd & 3rd charges considered).

1 to 12 months loan term.

Non-resident and companies accepted.

£200k to £20m loan amounts.

Serviced, retained and rolled up interest.

Monthly interest from 0.75%.

Completion possible in 2-7 days.

A viable exit strategy for how the loan will be

repaid should accompany each application.

All fees hereunder are payable by borrowers:

Processing fees (from £1995);

arrangement fees (from 2% of loan amount);

exit fees (from 0% of loan amount);

lender's legal fees;

lender's valuation fees; and

insurance fees.


We accept security in England, Wales and select South East Asian countries in a number of different forms; 




Land (with planning)

Other Property Types

Our Benefits

Pragmatic lending. Our non-bank funding partner's credit sanctioning process is faster and less onerous than that of banks and pragmatically based on independent security valuation and exit strategy.

Speed. Receive indicative terms within 1 hour, lending Approvals in Principal within 24 hours and funding potentially within 48 hours of submitting a full application form.

Loan Criteria

Indicative Terms within an Hour

To receive Indicative Terms, please provide the information below to We are usually able to provide Indicative Terms within one hour of receipt and an Approval in Principal on a same day basis. 

  1. Borrower's name and company name, if applicable; 

  2. First charge security address; 

  3. Property value; 

  4. Rental income if any; 

  5. Loan amount / LTV required; 

  6. Outstanding mortgage; 

  7. Term of loan required; 

  8. Any other critical info; and

  9. Exit strategy. 

White stairs

White stairs

Modern Architecture

Modern Architecture

Modern Design Home

Modern Design Home

Modern Houses Neighborhood

Modern Houses Neighborhood

Cozy Living Room

Cozy Living Room

Multi Storey Building

Multi Storey Building

Modern Building

Modern Building

Colonial Architecture

Colonial Architecture

White House

White House

Yellow House

Yellow House

Indicative Terms in an Hour
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Borrowing Process



To receive our funding partner's credit appetite and indicative terms within an hour, borrowers (or their representatives) should send us their loan requirement summary outlined above to If borrowers wish to proceed, they should request our funding partner's loan application form from us and complete, sign and return it to us.



Upon receipt of a borrower's completed and signed loan application form, we will provide the borrower a written Approval in Principal from our funding partner, which will outline our funding partner's indicative loan terms subject to an independent valuation, alongside instructions on how to proceed with the loan. 



Once the borrower signs and returns the written Approval in Principal to us, they would be required to instruct a lawyer to act on their behalf, while our funding partner would;
(a) instruct an independent chartered surveyor to conduct the valuation; and
(b) instruct their lawyer to act on their behalf and draft the loan documentation



Once the valuation has been received by our funding partner's lawyer, they will finalise the loan documentation and provide it to the borrower's lawyer. Should the borrower agree to the final loan terms, having taken advice from their lawyer, both sets of lawyers would execute the loan documentation and
the loan funds would be released to the borrower. 

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